Monday, January 31, 2011

AirLiur: When The Money-Penny Wears The Crown

Of the lies that are considered true

Of the humans are living through

Keeping as maximum as possibly could

More than loves and friends do

Tiptoeing to seek the golden crown

Trying to make it surely gone

From the person who is actually wrong

End up life full with thorns

As it changes the life from pride to fame

Losing yourself to the human-made heaven

At the end the impact makes you lame

Dare to choose and dare to be blamed

Evil spreads bigger and wider

The innocent caught guilty while the devils are prowling

As its level is actually higher and stronger

The world is turning and becoming more thrilling

What happened to the world a question mark

The solution is difficult to be found

Of the love and heart are defeated too

As the money-penny wears the crown

*this poem was written when I was 17. Immature I guess. The past and always ;)


  1. betul tuh..mmg bahaya..berjaga lah..jgn mudah lalai dengan kilauan emas di depan mata..hehehe ;)

  2. i remember this poem~
    nice one bro
    proud of ya


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